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We provide a broad range of medical diagnostics including a full in-house blood analyzer that allows us to assess critical cases and direct treatment immediately.  Other laboratory services include cytology, fecal analysis using numerous staining techniques, blood differentials, fungal cultures and urine analysis.  We have an x-ray unit at the hospital as well. Ultimately, if your companion's case calls for advanced diagnostics, we have a close working relationship with numerous outside laboratories and clinics in order to provide additional diagnostics that are best to help your pet. 

We have a full surgical suite with advanced anesthetic monitoring equipment and surgical electrocautery.  We routinely care for our surgical patients by offering intravenous catheter placement and heated intravenous fluids, providing intra-operative heating and post-operative oxygen for optimal recovery from inhalant anesthesia.  A technician is assigned to the surgery doctor and is responsible to provide additional nursing care and anesthetic monitoring during the surgery and during recovery. 

We also offer dental care to include prophylactic or therapeutic cleanings, extractions, gingival biopsies, bone biopsies and other dental procedures.  We utilize a state-of-the-art dental unit that allows us to perform ultrasonic scaling to clean and high-speed drilling when needed. We also have digital dental xray capabilities to assess teeth during each cleaning.



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