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One of the founding philosophies for Dr. Ann and Dr. Katie when creating the hospital was to provide information and take the time to clearly communicate about cases. We spend time talking to clients in exams and on the phone and often provide printed information as well. To supplement our efforts we hope to offer additional resources for you all here. We may refer you to a specific site/resource concerning a case or you may just want to search some information yourself. We will attempt to develop this section of the web site over time.

General Sites - for great basic information on many medical conditions . - Home again microchip home page for updating information, etc.

Ferrets - A nice site for information on the common medical issues of insulinomas and adrenal disease. - offers many references on basics and care as well as medical issues.

Rabbits - The House Rabbit Society - a fantastic site for basic care and health issues for rabbits.

Grieving/Loss - The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavment for assistance during a time of loss.

You may also want to visit